Friday, January 03, 2003

Well this is my first time doing something like this .... My friends said it would be really cool if I were to retork my anger on writing on blogger.. I guess they were right cause its making me feel a little bit better. Sometimes don't you just feel like life sucks in general. I mean once everything starts going your way you look around the corner and a whole crap load of shit falls on you. I feel like that everyday of my life. About two days ago I hit a dog on the road ... I killed it!! It was by accident though. Was I crying though. I couldn't stop balling my eyes out. I also have these two men ..... one being the sweetest guy in the world... The type you wanna marry and spend the rest of your life with but you just can't see anything happening to get to that point. Then theres this other guy who is totally the hotty and you just wanna do him right then and there. Well thats the crazy life with boys... I mean I have been a tom boy all my life. I mean for petes sake I have never used a purse or a wallet , I just usually stuff money in my pockets. But trust me its not the smartest thing to stuff things in your pockets while there open thats how you lose stuff like I lost my drivers license at the casino two nights ago before I hit the dog. Man I had bad luck with jobs too. They only give me one day a week what is that shit... They are supposed to be the marti gra place of Ski Town. They are supposed to hopping.. Well anyways I will find another job soon so anyways. My friends are the greatest people in the world. My friend Kirsten is a sweetheart of all sweethearts. She cares about me even though sometimes she hates how I act. At least she isn't fake like some people, I won't mention names, but she doesn't talk behind people's backs, she tells them how she feels about them to their faces and thats what I like about her because I wish I had the will to do stuff like that... I wish I had courage like her. She also is very strong and independent, unless she needs gas in her car she asks her mom. Joey is another great soul.. I have known him for 3 years and everyday that I have known him he looks wiser and cuter to me then the day before. He is so smart and I know as soon as he gets some things straight he will either become a really great writer or a GREAT DJ like PAUL OAKENFOLD. Only he won't use the lights, he'll just spin. Last night I stayed at his house and he showed me how he spins, even though maybe most of his life is a blur from all the drugs and late night partying he is a true genius at the art of spinning and light raving, and not to mention he doesn't only have the talent but the smarts to do well, which I know he will. Theres also Jonny . What can I say he surprised me last night because Jonny is usually a straight arrow when it comes to being the druggie type. He doesn't have a drug cromizone in his body so when he told Joey that he wanted to drink I couldn't believe he said it. Well maybe he was also joking. Well anyways Jonny is a great guy to talk to he makes life interesting and unique. Well I guess I will say hi to A-Bomb even though were not the best of friends now I will get to know you. I saw Liz Graff last night. I haven't seen her in like a few months. She was at Joey's house to and she and A-Bomb and Kirsten were on a bed together. A-Bomb and Kirsten weren't talking but man was Liz.
Yeah theres Joey's dad Jack. He works at Rocket Pocket along with Jonny and his Son Joey. Jack is like a Dad to all us Rocket Pocket kids.. He always there if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. He is more of a dad then I would ever have thats why I am glad that I have him. He took us to go play lazer tag at Craig's Crusers the friday after christmas. It was so fun. We went to Pizza Hut and ate Pizza and we all parted our ways after that. I'll have to tell you Jack is pretty cute for the fear the mullet kind of a way. He is really good at getting girls aroused though by kissing their necks. He gives me goose bumps everytime he does it to me. Which was only a few times. I don't think I would ever do anything with him though cause it would like a I was doing something wrong because I love him like a dad and I would feel weird. Well I gotta go for now its about 1:50 ON january 4, 2003. Well anyways I will write more later .. talk to you later homies peace out